How to monetize SIM cards with smsBower?
step 1
a request
and receive the best partnership terms from us.
step 2
Connect the equipment
yourself or with the help of customer support
step 3
Regularly change your SIM cards
and maximize your profit
step 4
Easy withdrawal
of earned
About service SmsBower
SmsBower is a platform for monetizing SIM cards, as well as a shop for SMS activations and numbers from all over the world. As a pool owner of numbers and special equipment (GSM modem or GOIP), you can connect to SmsBower and earn more than 80% of the revenue from selling SMS activations. Our agents set prices independently, and we help with their implementation through partner storefronts. SmsBower users can purchase SMS activations and rent numbers at the best prices on the market!
Who is our service suitable for?
We are oriented towards working with both sellers and buyers. With our service, sellers can:
safely sell
their temporary foreign numbers for any SMS;
engage in wholesale trade
of temporary SIM cards for multiple SMS;
monetize their SIM cards
through our partner program.
Advantages of SmsBower for partners
Flexible pricing depending on market conditions and sales volume
Connect partners to the system and start monetization on the day of application
Instant payment of earnings with no limit on the amount
Fast payback
on SIM cards and equipment
statistics in numbers
For partners, we can offer the following earnings per day from one SIM card:
For last 24 hours
For last 48 hours
For last 24 hours
For last 48 hours
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