How to Set Up Your LINE Account Without a Phone Number


In today's connected world, messaging apps like LINE have become essential for keeping in touch with friends, family, and colleagues. However, not everyone wants to use their personal phone number to register for these services. Whether it's for privacy reasons or simply not having a number available, the good news is there's a way around it. This guide will walk you through the steps of creating a LINE account without a personal phone number, utilizing alternative methods such as Facebook or virtual phone numbers, with a special focus on using SMSBOWER for a seamless experience.

Understanding LINE

Basic Features

LINE is a messaging app that offers free voice and video calls along with instant messaging services. Users can also share photos, videos, and location details easily. LINE provides a wide range of stickers and emojis to enhance communication.

The app features end-to-end encryption for secure conversations, ensuring user privacy. Moreover, it supports group chats for multiple users to communicate simultaneously. Furthermore, LINE allows users to follow their favorite brands and celebrities through official accounts.

User Demographics

LINE has a diverse user base, including individuals of all ages. It is particularly popular among young adults and teenagers, who appreciate the fun stickers and interactive features offered by the app. Moreover, businesses use LINE for customer service and marketing purposes due to its widespread adoption.

The app's user demographics vary across different regions, with Asia being a significant market for LINE. In countries like Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, and Indonesia, LINE enjoys a large user base and is considered a primary mode of communication.

Global Reach

With over 220 million monthly active users worldwide, LINE has established itself as a leading messaging platform globally. The app's popularity extends beyond Asia to regions like Europe and America. LINE continues to introduce new features and collaborations to attract users from diverse backgrounds.

Part 1: Creating a LINE Account with a Phone Number

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Creating a LINE account the traditional way requires a phone number. This method involves downloading the LINE app, entering your phone number, and verifying it through a code sent via SMS. While straightforward, this method ties your LINE account to your personal phone number, which might not be desirable for everyone.

Part 2: Creating a LINE Account Without a Phone Number

For those looking to keep their phone number private or who do not have access to one, there are alternatives. Let's explore how you can still enjoy LINE's features without using your personal number.

Option 1: Creating a LINE Account with a Facebook Account

One of the simplest ways to register for LINE without a phone number is by using your Facebook account. This method requires you to have an active Facebook account. During the registration process on LINE, choose the "Log in with Facebook" option. This way, you can set up your LINE account without needing to enter a phone number, making it a quick and convenient method for many users.

Option 2: Creating a LINE Account Using Virtual Phone Number

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For those seeking an even more private option or who do not use Facebook, virtual phone numbers present an ideal solution. SMSBOWER offer virtual phone numbers that can receive SMS messages, making them perfect for verifying accounts like LINE without exposing your real number. Here's how to use SMSBOWER to create your LINE account:

1. Visit SMSBOWER's registration page to create account and top-up your balance.

2. Choose a virtual phone number from the list of available countries.

3. Use this number when signing up for LINE. The verification code sent by LINE will be received on the SMSBOWER platform.

4. Enter the received code into the LINE app to complete the verification process.

This method not only keeps your real number private but also allows for a hassle-free registration process.

Features & Pros of Line Messenger

LINE offers a rich array of features beyond simple messaging, including video calls, group chats, stickers, and even a timeline to share your moments. Its end-to-end encryption ensures that your conversations remain private. Additionally, LINE is widely used in various countries, making it a great choice for international communication.

The Process of Account Registration in the Line Messenger

Regardless of the method you choose the registration process in LINE is user-friendly and quick. After downloading the app and choosing your registration method (phone number, Facebook, or virtual number via SMSBOWER), you'll be prompted to set up your profile. This involves choosing a profile picture, setting a display name, and optionally adding friends or allowing access to your contacts to find friends already on the platform.


Creating a LINE account without phone number is not only possible but also easy and convenient with options like using a Facebook account or a virtual phone number from SMSBOWER. These methods offer privacy and flexibility, allowing you to enjoy all the features of LINE messenger without tying your account to your personal phone number. Whether you're looking for enhanced privacy, or simply a quick way to get started on LINE, SMSBOWER provides the perfect solution for a hassle-free registration process. So why wait? Start using LINE the way you want, today.

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