How to Create a Coinbase Account without a Phone Number?


The modern digital world offers wide opportunities. Users can do shopping and communicate online. Yet, the rise of cryptocurrencies has become the main breakthrough of the 21st century. The popularity of altcoins has risen drastically in just a couple of years. Nowadays, cryptocurrencies come as a popular and effective way to transfer money, pay for services, and do other activities on the Web.

Today, over a hundred altcoins are registered on the Web. Different types of cryptocurrencies are used on portals. Thus, it is natural that there is a platform for exchanging them. Coinbase comes as a certified online website for crypto conversions. 43 million users are registered on the portal with 2,8 million active users monthly. The total sum of stored user assets is $90 billion. So, if you deal with cryptocurrencies, this portal can simplify your activity and provide extra tools for quick and fee-free transactions. However, you should have an account on the platform to access its functionalities.

Reason to Register on Coinbase

Coinbase comes as a convenient Web portal for all holders of altcoins. The platform is beneficial due to the next features:

  1. A wide library of altcoins. Users can exchange several dozen cryptocurrencies.
  2. Low fees for money exchange. The platform charges little fees in comparison with other familiar websites.
  3. Fast speed of transactions. Crypto channels are famous for instant transactions.
  4. High security standards and the use of decentralized currency storage.
  5. A convenient app for exchanging money on the go.

Coinbase is a well-functioning modern app with a wide toolkit for secure and fast exchanges.

How to Open a Coinbase Account?

If you want to register a Coinbase sign up new account, follow the guide:

  1. Go to the official website.
  2. Find a blue “Register” button on the upper right corner of the website.
  3. By clicking on it, a window with a registration form will open. You should enter your name and surname, email, as well as come up with a password. Also, at this step, agree to the T&C and Privacy Policy and verify your age by ticking the box.
  4. Click the “Register an account” button.
  5. A verification letter will be sent to your email. Open it and activate your account by pressing the link.
  6. Further, you’ll have to fill in a detailed questionnaire by specifying your phone number, address, etc. The phone is required to verify your identity. Thus, it is impossible to skip this step. However, it is possible to use some tricks to bypass real data disclosure.

Once your profile is verified, you can log in and proceed to convert cryptocurrencies with low fees and minimum effort.

Reasons to Avoid Phone Number Disclosure

Everyone knows that hackers are very skillful nowadays. They can break even the most protected system and get access to any info. Thus, some users feel concerned about the necessity to disclose their personal data on the Web. Trying to protect their privacy and avoid blackmail and other right infringements, they seek ways to avoid phone verification. Fortunately, modern technologies allow for coping with this issue.

Ways to Bypass Phone Verification

There are several ways to avoid phone verification when creating an account on the Coinbase platform. Here they are:

  • borrow a phone of a relative or a friend;
  • use a burner number;
  • rent a virtual number.

The first option is insecure and inconvenient since a borrower will have access to your financial account. The second one is designed for one-time use only. The last option comes as the most effective and convenient solution for account registration and management.

A virtual number is a rented number of another person who provides it for temporary use. Renting a virtual number is convenient since a renter uses it as his own phone throughout the subscription period.

Advantages of Virtual Numbers

Switching an online numb is beneficial due to the next points:

  1. 100% confidentiality. There is no risk to your privacy and data security since your real information is kept secret, i.e. users stay anonymous. It means that in the case of a hacker attack, scammers won’t get access to confidential data and won’t have a subject for blackmail.
  2. Several profile registration. Buying extra phone numbers means that users can create as many accounts as they need. This solution is helpful when it is necessary to separate private and professional spheres of activity.
  3. Access form banned geo-regions. If the platform doesn’t run in your country, you can buy a foreign number and pretend to be a citizen of another state to get access to the portal and its functionalities.
  4. No hardware is needed. No smartphone or SIM card is required to handle and configure rented virtual numbers. All actions are carried out in a browser.

Virtual numbers are a convenient and available solution that helps users enjoy wider opportunities. So, if you wonder how to set up a Coinbase account with minimum risk, renting a virtual number will be an excellent decision.

Where to Rent Virtual Numbers?

If you want to use a virtual number to register a Coinbase account, you need to find a trusted service provider first. Specialized Web portals are engaged in connecting SIM card holders and renters. Visit several websites and compare the offered terms according to this check-list:

  • the geo of served regions;
  • the number of available services;
  • price lists;
  • discounts and extra benefits for loyal clients;
  • customer support.

SMSBower is one such provider. According to the mentioned criteria, it offers fruitful conditions for both sides and guarantees 100% trustworthiness.

Benefits of Using SMSBower

Hundreds of users prefer SMSBower due to the next advantages:

  1. A rich variety of numbers. The provider offers hundreds of numbers from different operators and states. Over 180+ locales are scattered around the world.
  2. Reasonable pricing. The cost is not overestimated. Its price list is affordable in comparison with other providers from this sphere. The price is fully justified by the quality of services.
  3. A loyalty program and extra benefits for regular clients. SMSBower gives discounts and other privileges to loyal clients.
  4. Diverse options for money transfers. E-wallets and bank cards are accepted for fast transactions.
  5. Quick message delivery within several seconds. SMS with codes are received instantly.
  6. A clear easy-to-navigate website layout. Users do not get difficulties with setting accounts, configuring numbers, etc.
  7. 24/7 customer support. Managers are competent and responsive. They react ASAP and solve any issue.

Although Web surfing is not always secure, it is possible to protect your privacy by using virtual numbers. Virtual numbers come as the best solution for unlimited access to Internet opportunities with minimum risk. Thus, clients of Coinbase can exchange crypto funds without fear.

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