How to Hide Your Number on WhatsApp Easily


Ever thought about how you could hide your number on WhatsApp? If, for some reason, a need arises to hide the phone number, maybe it is for security, to avoid spam, or due to urges to be anonymous. Look no further. Scale up this article; keep your phone number private to everyone else but still WhatsApp freely and without fear.

Why hide your number on WhatsApp?

But before that, let's rank at the very top why someone would like to hide their number on WhatsApp. All online and public life nowadays has increased the privacy issues in society. Your number can help somebody know a lot about you and your profile. The same, if misused, could end up nasty with contacts or even scams through your phone number. In simple words, you would certainly be able to use WhatsApp with safety and freedom by hiding that number.

Ways of Hiding Your Number on WhatsApp

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There are numerous ways to make your phone number remain private from WhatsApp. Some are very easy, while others want a little more from you. Here are some of the best ways:

1. Secondary Number:

Probably, the easiest way of masking a principal number is by getting another secondary number just for WhatsApp use. Here's how:

  • Get another secondary SIM Card: Insert another prepaid SIM card which you intend to use just for WhatsApp.
  • Sign up to WhatsApp with the Secondary Number: Now, install WhatsApp and sign up using that new number rather than your actual one.
  • Setting Up Profile: You can then set up your profile without being relevant in any way whatsoever to your actual contact number.

Here, your original number will not leak to the general public, and second-numbered WhatsApp will only be used by you.

2. Virtual Number

Another way would be using a virtual number-more tech-friendly. This can be obtained with the help of specific applications or services that provide desktop numbers through which messages or calls could even be received throughout the way:

  • Selection of Virtual Number: In this way, one gets the proper virtual number for WhatsApp via SMSBOWER.
  • Steps 1: Registration with virtual number: Final Preparation: Log in to SMSBOWER, download WhatsApp, and specify the virtual number.
  • Step 2: Verifying Number: WhatsApp will be asking you for a verification six-digit code on verification; such a facility you shall keep receiving through automated calls or numbers over virtual numbers.

This will not only hide the actual number but also bring an extra layer of security in that the virtual number is more challenging to trace.

How to Set Up WhatsApp Privacy Settings:

Even when you have your primary number, several privacy settings are provided by WhatsApp to keep you safe. Here's a step-by-step guide on changing these settings:

1. Hide Your Profile Picture

  • Go to Settings: Open WhatsApp and reach the "Settings."
  • Privacy: Scroll to Account; then tap "Privacy."
  • Profile Photo: Now, choose who can see their photo: Everyone, My Contacts, or Nobody.

2. Control Your Last Seen Status

The "Last Seen" status on WhatsApp lets people know when you were last active on this messaging app. How to do this:

  • Privacy Settings: Repeat the steps through which you've hidden your profile picture.
  • Last Seen: Select who sees when you were last seen on WhatsApp.

3. Status Update Lock:

You're in control of who gets to see your Status Updates:

  • Privacy Settings: Go again to "Privacy."
  • Status: Tap your status update privacy-be it "My Contacts," "My Contacts Except," or "Only Share With."

These settings allow you to own what's shared and with whom, thus creating an extra layer of privacy.

Advantages of Hiding Your Number on WhatsApp

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Now that we have covered how let's see why these methods are good for you:

  • Increased privacy: You ensure that you will receive calls/messages only from trusted contacts by hiding the number.
  • Helps you to keep clear of spam: Your number privacy gets broken, and along comes the spam calls and messages.
  • Security: This will protect your security against breach and theft, and personal information may not get misused.
  • Professional use: For businesses with another or virtual number, it solves the dual purpose of segregating personal and professional communications.

Comparing methods to hide your number:

For all the methods mentioned above, make use of this fast comparison between a second number versus a virtual number that would help you make your info:

Secondary Number

  • Cost: Moderate from the perspective; you should prepare for buying a SIM.
  • Ease of Setting Up: Simple
  • Privacy level: High
  • Traceability: Easier traceable

Virtual Number

  • Cost: Varies - some free-level services
  • Ease of Setting Up: Knowledge in tech is required
  • Privacy level: Very High
  • Traceability: Hard trace

Using WhatsApp Business for Extra privacy:

One of the efficient tricks you might use to text someone but still keep your number from being seen yet maintain a professional face is through WhatsApp Business. This version of WhatsApp is oriented towards companies but could, nonetheless, be used by any individual like you. Here's how you can get it running:

  • Download WhatsApp Business on Android or iOS.
  • Log in on WhatsApp with the other number of your business; fill out your profile by adding a business name, description, and logo. During the setting up of the app, only business information will be shown.

WhatsApp Business Features

  • Distinguish Personal and Professional Messages: Chats are separated into personal and professional chats.
  • Advanced Privacy Settings: WhatsApp Business gives complete control over who can see this info.
  • Professional Accounts: Allows business messaging tools such as automated messages and fast responses.

Using a Temporary Number

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A temporary number for WhatsApp may be the other technique for concealing identity in app. Sending a temp number is temporarily pinned as a legal number of something whose purpose is only for one-time authentication and might simply be deleted following that. Each of them gives you the best, but most importantly, safe, temporary numbers with the help of SMSBOWER. Here's how you use them:

  • Selection of Temporary Number: One needs to choose his temporary phone number from SMSBOWER.
  • Temporary Number: Get the number and create an account on WhatsApp.
  • Verification Completion: Receive the verification code from the number and set up your account.

Flaws and Perks of Temporary Numbers


  • Highly Anonymous: Perfect usage when only needed in the short tenure because one will not use his primary number.
  • Very cost-effective: Many times cheaper than getting a secondary SIM.


  • Limited time for usage: As these numbers are temporary, the user can expect the phone number to expire after a limited time.
  • Less Reliable: Temp numbers might not always get supported in every verification setting.

Advanced WhatsApp privacy settings

Now let's directly move into the main area where Advanced WhatsApp privacy settings for the best will be discussed. Let's see it together -

1. Hide Your About Info

You can hide your "About" info from unknown persons. Do that by focusing on the process described herein:

  • Privacy Settings: Open WhatsApp from your device's app launcher and go to Settings > Account > Privacy.
  • Local and About: Select who can view your about information: Everyone, My Contacts, or Nobody.

2. Turn Off Read Receipts

The read receipt is the option that shows whether you have read a message. To turn this off:

  • Go to the Privacy Settings: Do as in part A above to get to the privacy settings.
  • Read Receipts: De-select the box that says, "read receipts." Note that this will also prevent you from being able to see and read receipts from others.

3. Adapt Group Privacy Settings

Control, who can add you to groups:

  • Go to Privacy Settings: Open "Settings" > "Account" > "Privacy."
  • Groups: Decide who can add you to groups-perhaps Everyone, My Contacts, or My Contacts Except.

Such settings shall give further protections to privacy, making sure the view and share of your information by whomever you desire.

Real-Life Scenarios for Hiding Your Number:

Let us consider some real-life cases that give soothing passions of comfort in hiding your number from WhatsApp.

Scenario 1: Online Selling

Online selling will require a minimum secondary or virtual number; indeed, it would be preferred to keep the personal one secret from potential spamming or harassment by buyers.

Scenario 2: International Travel

Using a local SIM or a virtual number would save you high international charges and disallow contacts from knowing your primary number.

Scenario 3: Professional Networking

WhatsApp Business or a secondary number would be the best to communicate with clients or co-workers.


To hide your number on WhatsApp is to stay private and secure. Use any of the temporary, secondary, or virtual numbers to the maximum of your privacy tweaks to message safely and privately, whether for personal, professional, or travel purposes. If nothing else, keeping your phone number unknown lets you rest easy in today's ever-shrinking world. With these suggestions, you can use WhatsApp safely without putting your details at stake. Keep exploring, and stay safe online.

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