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Referral program

For developers:

If you develop software for working with numbers for SMS activations, you can earn money with us.

By inserting the ref={id} parameter into get number request, you can receive 5% of successful client activations.

To activate your developer account, please text to our support.

For partners:

Referral link:

If you are already connected to us as a partner and want to recommend our service to your friends, you can do this and receive a bonus for your friend’s registration and activity!

You will receive 300 rubles for registering a friend and his active works as SMSBOWER partner!

You have a personal link to register your friend in your personal account, send it and receive a reward.

For arbitrators and webmasters:

The SMSBOWER referral program allows CPA networks, affiliates and webmasters to receive 5% of the successful activations of users registered using your referral link.

To participate in the referral program you need:

1. Register an account on SMSBOWER

2. On the Referral Program page, find a referral link and use it for traffic arbitrage