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Virtual Phone Numbers for France

The development of Web technologies provided people with extra opportunities for communication, business, and Internet surfing. The rise of online telephony simplified multiple types of activities and opened new opportunities.

Nowadays, a virtual number is a convenient solution that provides users with extra comfort, access, and enjoyment. Such solutions help protect privacy online without setting any limits. Below, let’s consider how to use online numbers and where to get them.

Popular Cases for Virtual Phone Usage

Note that online numbers have found wide application in both professional and private spheres of life. It is recommended to use a French temp phone number for the next purposes:

  1. Enhance online security and privacy when surfing the Web and creating accounts. If you want to make online purchases, chat with acquaintances on social networks, or do any other activity, you’ll need an account. Account registration implies the indication of personal data that can become a target of hackers. The use of a French fake phone number for SMS verification allows to improve your security and reduce the risk level of being hacked.

  2. The chance to create several profiles. Most platforms allow you to register one profile per phone number to pass verification and guarantee your real identity. Yet, some users need several profiles to separate their private and professional accounts. In this case, a fake phone  number combined with a VPN IP will help pass activation.

  3. Free access to all Web platforms, including geo-regionally banned. Some local websites and apps have regional limits for access. Foreign visitors cannot access them. Using a virtual French phone number allows users to OTP bypass and enjoy all functionalities, pretending to be French residents.

  4. A simplified way of running a business. Businesses can enter new markets and stay closer to customers in foreign states. Consumers won’t even know that managers are from another country.

  5. Trouble-free workflow for remote employees and freelancers. Some political or economic disturbances can pose a threat to your professional activity. For instance, accounts of Upwork users from Russia and Belarus are banned due to sanctions. Using a fake phone number for verification in France eliminates all the related problems.

If you want to use an online number, the main thing is to find a reputable trusted service provider. SMSBower stands as an example of such a portal. It is a trustworthy provider of online numbers at affordable prices.

Full Guide on How to Rent a Virtual Phone

To get a virtual phone number France for SMS and call receipt, follow the sequence of steps:

  1. First, you need to register an account on the website. Fill out the registration form indicating your phone number.

  2. Look through the list of disposable phone numbers.

  3. Check the price list and calculate an approximate estimate of the required funds.

  4. Fund your account to pay for a subscription and numbers.

  5. Fill in a purchase form and submit a request.

Log in to check phone validity and set configurations. Another important advantage of temporary online numbers is that no landline hardware or SIM cards are required. A generator with SMS will send a text message directly to your account.

Advantages of SMSBower as Online Phone Provider

If you need a French virtual number to receive SMS, it is recommended to use the SMSBower portal due to the next benefits:

  1. Several hundred disposable numbers are in the catalog.

  2. More than 180 locales are supported around the world.

  3. Low prices for phone numbers.

  4. A generous loyalty program with extra benefits for regular users.

  5. A wide range of provided functionalities and configurations.

  6. Enhanced portability due to smooth running on mobile devices.

Note that the use of VoIP (voice over internet protocol), DID (direct inward dialing), cloud, and SIP (session initiation protocol) technologies allows to achieve the high quality and smoothness of virtual phone functioning.

For SIM card owners, cooperation with SMSBower is beneficial due to the next pros:

  • up to 80% of revenues;

  • instant payback;

  • fast payouts;

  • multiple banking methods for money transfers.

Note that some providers suggest using a toll-free temporary SMS number in France. Yet, this solution is not recommended since it is insecure and poor-quality. Virtual phone numbers come as the best option for secure and convenient international communication. It is an excellent chance to browse the Internet without restrictions and any fear of privacy violation.