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Virtual Phone Numbers for Germany

Online telephony has come as a new tendency of Internet technologies. Due to the rise of virtual telephony services, clients, partners, friends, or relatives can stay in touch and communicate like locals.

Virtual phones come as a convenient solution for low-cost border-free communication. Users can pretend to be citizens of Germany. A temporarily rented online number can simplify running a business, chatting with friends, or surfing the Web. Still, let’s consider it in more detail below.

Common Cases for Online Phone Application

Virtual numbers are helpful in both private and professional spheres of life. The most popular cases for buying a virtual mobile number in Germany include:

  1. Preventing data theft and blackmail because of hacker attacks. Registration on any Web portal requires specifying personal info that is under threat online. Besides, account creation requires phone verification to activate a profile. Users prefer to avoid this step. Connecting a fake phone number to Germany for verification helps avoid this step, preserving your anonymity and securing online privacy.

  2. Creation of several accounts in one messenger or social network. Sometimes, users need more than one profile for their activities. For example, to separate professional and private accounts. Social networks use the principle of one account per phone. Thus, another profile registration requires having one more phone.

  3. Unlimited access to all Web portals. Some local apps and platforms run on the territory of Germany only. It means that citizens of other countries cannot get access to such portals. Having a Germany temp mobile number in combination with a VPN IP gateway allows to bypass this geo-ban and getting unlimited access to all apps.

  4. International workflow is not interrupted due to external factors. Using an online number helps avoid this problem and stay in touch with partners and employers.

An online phone number comes as an effective and convenient solution for quick surfing the Web and international communication. Users get a convenient tool for risk-free online activity. Online telephony services are provided by specialized portals. SMSBower is an example of such a platform. It is a trustworthy service provider with favorable conditions and affordable prices.

Full Guide on How to Buy Virtual Numbers

If you want to buy virtual phone number in Germany, follow the steps:

  1. Create an account on SMSBower by filling in a registration form. Note that a minimum set of personal information will be required to register.

  2. Check the list of disposable phones. Decide the preferable number of phones.

  3. Check the price list and calculate how much money you need to pay for the subscription and phones.

  4. Replenish your account with a sufficient sum of money.

  5. Fill in a purchase form and submit it to pay for the service.

All configurations are set in your account. Users benefit from Germany SMS received online. Therefore, clients do not need to buy another SIM card or a landline telephone.

We also invite SIM card holders for cooperation. If you want to make money passively on unused SIM cards, follow the guide:

  1. Get in touch with managers to let them know that you want to be our partner.

  2. Get partnership terms from our managers and study them thoroughly.

  3. Install the needed equipment (a GOIP or GSM modem) for smooth connection.

  4. Keep replacing SIM cards to ensure regular turnover.

  5. Get up to 80% on your cards.

Advantages of Buying Virtual Numbers from SMSBower

If you want to get a Germany temporary phone number, choose SMSBower due to the next benefits:

  1. A wide catalog of phones.

  2. More than 180 locales all over the world.

  3. Fast message receipt with a high opening rate.

  4. Affordable pricing with competitive prices for subscriptions and numbers.

  5. A loyalty program with extra benefits for regular clients.

  6. A well-designed website layout with a responsive interface.

  7. A wide range of functionalities. Users can set call forwarding, welcome messaging, text recording, etc.

Note that all configurations are set directly online. The availability of VoIP (voice over internet protocol), cloud, SIP (session initiation protocol), and DID (direct inward dialing) technologies help ensure stable and smooth connections.

SIM card owners get the following benefits from cooperation with SMSBower:

  • over 80% of revenues;

  • unlimited payouts;

  • fast payback;

  • diverse payment methods.

Although some providers offer toll-free solutions for 10-minute phone number Germany verification, this option can be poor-quality, low-effective, and secure. A Germany number for OTP is a reliable and well-working option for all categories of clients.