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Modern society cannot live a single day without surfing the Web. We live in a digital world, where Internet technologies take a great share. People visit websites and social media daily to communicate, share content, make purchases, or search for some kind of information. Thus, online browsing is an integral part of our everyday lives.

Surfing most portals requires account creation. For example, users register profiles on social networks to chat and share photos and videos, and customers create shopping accounts to make online purchases. In most cases, online platforms require profile authentication to make sure that accounts are not fake. SMS verification comes as the most common way for online websites to secure themselves from bots and fakes.

Yet, some drawbacks arise with pan-digital popularity. The issue of online security is topical nowadays. Users believe that modern hackers are skillful enough to break any system they like and need. Thus, when disclosing their personal data, they do not feel safe and protected. Some users seek ways to protect their privacy and keep anonymous when surfing the Web. Renting a fake online number comes as an excellent alternative.

Reasons to Connect an RF Virtual Number

Renting a Russian temporary phone number may be useful for:

  1. Keeping anonymity when browsing Web portals. The use of fake phones eliminates the need to reveal your private information, which means that even if your data leak, scammers won’t be able to use it for illegal actions.
  2. Several accounts registration. Most social media allow for registering one profile per phone. Yet, some users want to separate their professional activity and private life by creating several accounts. In this case, they need several phones.
  3. Access to forbidden portals. Some platforms do not run in particular countries. By buying an online number from a foreign country, users can enjoy unlimited surfing on all websites.
  4. Time-saving. There is no need to waste time on purchasing and installing SIM cards. Everything is done in a few minutes via the Internet.
  5. Low-cost solutions. Moreover, note that this solution is cost-effective in comparison with other alternatives (such as burner numbers or roaming).

A temporarily rented phone will be an excellent solution for your safe and unlimited browsing experience on the Internet.

SMS to Virtual Russian Numbers from Various Services

Users can enter a Russian number for verification on the following services:

  • Telegram;
  • WhatsApp;
  • Instagram;
  • VK;
  • Odnoklassniki;
  • online marketplaces (Wildberries, Ozon, eBay).

When using a fake Russian number, you can pretend to be a citizen of the RF while being located in any corner of the world.

Should I use Free Virtual Russian Numbers?

Note that some services offer virtual phones free of charge to attract clients. Yet, this option can work unsteadily and poorly due to a huge flow of customers. Moreover, the catalog of available free numbers is limited so very few clients can manage to get them timely, which will simply result in a waste of time. Also, using toll-free phones may compromise privacy and Web security.

Thus, it is better to choose trusted service providers that guarantee the high quality of online telephony and provide favorable conditions and low prices on phones. SMS Bower comes as one such provider.

SMS Bower as a Reliable Online Phone Provider

SMS Bower is a web platform that connects SIM card holders and buyers. It serves as a portal for SIM card monetization and a shop for the activation of SMS from all corners of the globe.

Benefits of SMS Bower Portal

Clients who need a Russian temp number get the next advantages:

  1. A wide range of phones from 260 regions.
  2. An affordable pricing policy with reasonable prices on subscriptions and numbers.
  3. An easy-to-navigate website with a well-designed interface.
  4. Instant message delivery.
  5. Loyalty perks for regular clients.

SIM card holders get the following benefits:

  1. Over 80% of revenues are from SIM card rental.
  2. Favorable partnership terms.
  3. Bonuses and loyalty privileges.
  4. Instant payback.

How to Use the SMS Bower Platform to Rent and Sell Phones?

If you want to receive SMS online Russian number, follow the guide:

  1. Register an account by filling in a form. A minimum set of data is required. Clients should only enter their contact in social media and create a login and password.
  2. Top up an account to acquire phones.
  3. Look through the list of available operators.
  4. Select the number of phones.
  5. Buy numbers by submitting a purchase query.

If you’re a SIM card owner and want to monetize them, stick to the guide:

  1. Submit a partnership query.
  2. Get terms from managers.
  3. Install GOIP equipment or a GSM modem.
  4. Insert SIM cards and replace them regularly.

The lack of a phone is not a problem today. Buying an online phone for Russian SMS receive is an excellent solution for registering a new profile and improving online security. Obtain phones on SMS Bower to enjoy 100% protection, security, and convenience. The service provider guarantees trustworthiness and a perfect experience.

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