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Nowadays, verification by means of smartphone SMS comes as the most popular and reliable way to verify user identity. Thus, users encounter the need to specify a smartphone number on multiple web portals. When registering accounts on social media, in messengers, or in online shops, users are asked to pass authentication for profile security and counteracting spam.

Owners of online platforms require this measure to filter scammers, bots, and fakes. Yet, users see another threat in this procedure. By disclosing their personal data, users risk their privacy since in the case of data theft, they can be blackmailed. The use of a fake online number comes as a handy alternative to free surfing on the Web without risking your confidentiality.

Advantages of Online Phones

If you buy UK phone number, you can use a UK DID number for testing messages or receiving calls without the need to get a physical SIM card. This solution gives the next privileges:

  1. Users keep 100% private when browsing Web portals. When registering on online websites, no real data is revealed, which means that users stay anonymous without risking right infringement.
  2. Several account creation in messengers or on social networks. If you want to separate work and private life, you can take advantage of having two parallel profiles. Since most services allow for registering only one profile per phone, you’ll need a fake number.
  3. Unrestricted access to all websites. Some platforms set regional bans, meaning that citizens of particular states cannot access them. By renting an online phone of a foreign state, users can get access to all portals.
  4. Cost-effectiveness. Buying a virtual UK number is advantageous since the cost is lower than other options, such as burner phones or connecting a physical SIM card. The price policy is more reasonable.

Connecting a virtual SMS number UK is an easy and safe way to protect your identity when surfing the Internet without causing any restrictions.

How to Buy a UK Virtual Number?

If you need a fake phone, it is necessary to find a trusted service provider first. SMS Bower is a reliable supplier of online telephony services, which offers favorable conditions for both buyers and merchants. Follow the guide to buy UK phone number for SMS verification:

  1. Visit the official website and register an account by clicking the “Sign up” button. A minimum list of personal data is required. A new user should enter only his login, password, and contact (link to Telegram, WhatsApp, or WeChat).
  2. Select the desired geo location (in our case, the UK). Look through the list of available phone operators. Choose the needed one.
  3. Determine how many phones you need and for what period. You can buy a few numbers.
  4. Study pricing and determine how much money you need to pay for the service.
  5. Top up your account for complete enrollment.
  6. Fill in the purchase request and submit it.

All settings and phone management are carried out directly on the website in your personal account. Clients can visit their profiles via mobile devices.

If you want to register on the website as a merchant to monetize unused SIM cards, do the next procedures:

  1. Leave your request so that managers can send partnership terms to you.
  2. Connect equipment (GSM modem or GOIP).
  3. Change SIM cards regularly.
  4. Earn over 80% of revenue.

Advantages of Cooperation with SMS Bower

Multiple portals offer to buy UK numbers nowadays. So, why should you choose SMS Bower? The service provider gives the next perks:

  1. A large database of phones from 18 countries around the world with access to over 260 different regions.
  2. Loyalty perks and bonuses for regular clients.
  3. Risk-free purchasing.
  4. Affordable pricing with low costs for phones and subscriptions.
  5. A well-designed interface for easy navigation and convenient phone management.
  6. Instant SMS delivery.

SMS Bower for Merchants

The platform comes as a connecting link between clients who want to buy a UK mobile number and sellers who provide their free SIM cards for temporary usage. Thus, it also welcomes holders of SIM cards for cooperation. Merchants receive the following perks:

  1. High revenues. They earn over 80% from SMS activation sales.
  2. Instant payout without any limits.
  3. Regular loyalty perks and promotions.
  4. Fast payback of SIM cards and equipment.
  5. Partners can enjoy bulk sales to gain more money.

If you need to buy mobile phone number UK, feel free to register on the SMS Bower portal and enjoy high-quality cooperation. The service provider offers the best conditions in this market segment. Phones run smoothly and do not cause problems with verification.