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United States phone numbers

America comes as one of the world’s centers of digital product development. Web surfing has come as a standard part of our lives. Americans spend a great share of their daily routines online, chatting with friends and relatives, making purchases in online stores, reading news, etc.

Web browsing requires account registration. In this regard, a lot of attention is paid to the security of a user’s account. Still, even advanced encryption algorithms cannot protect private data by 100%. Scammers manage to hack even the most secure portals. Thus, users are concerned about their privacy and data confidentiality.

Phone tethering is used for this purpose. A virtual number is suitable for receiving SMS over the Internet. By entering a fake number, users secure themselves from blackmail and rights infringement in the case of data theft.

What you might need a USA Virtual Number for?

First of all, let’s clarify why you need to buy American number. Here’s a list of benefits that users get by connecting a US phone:

  1. Risk-free registration. Users do not risk their private data when they do not disclose it. By specifying a fake phone, you won’t get into a trap of intruders.
  2. The creation of several accounts. In some cases, users need multiple profiles on social media, for example, when they want to separate their professional occupation and private life. Most portals and social media (like Telegram, Google Play, Instagram, VK, etc.) allow registering one account per number. Here, a temporarily rented phone will help register several profiles.
  3. Access to regional websites, apps, and services. Some apps and websites run on the territory of the USA only. Such regional restrictions set bans on users from other countries around the world. When you buy USA number, you can get access to these platforms and enjoy unlimited functionalities pretending a US citizen.
  4. Bypassing other geo bans. For example, due to the political and economic wars, remote workers from Belarus and Russia cannot access the US market and settle communication with US employers. Upwork users lose their job, while businesses and enterprises lose valuable experienced employees. Using a US phone allows for coping with this issue.
  5. A cheap solution. In comparison with other options, the price for a temporary rental of virtual numbers is lower than roaming or other alternatives.

Connecting a temporary phone is a convenient and easy solution to enjoy online surfing while feeling safe and protecting your privacy.

How to Get Online Phones?

Virtual numbers are provided by special service providers of online telephony. SMS Bower is a reliable agency that offers the most fruitful conditions and guarantees the highest level of online telephony. If you need to buy USA phone number for SMS verification, it is necessary to follow the next steps:

  1. Create an account on the website. Fill in a registration form that requires a minimum set of data. Only your contact (WhatsApp, Telegram, or WeChat) is required. Also, come up with credentials.
  2.  Look through the list of supported operators and phones.
  3. Study the price policy and calculate the cost of a subscription and numbers.
  4. Replenish your account to pay for services.
  5. Submit a purchase request and make a payment.
  6. Set and manage phones directly in your account online.

Yet, note that SMS Bower cooperates with not only buyers but also SIM card owners. If you want to earn money on free SIM cards, follow this instruction and get over 80% of your profit for unused cards:

  1. Contact managers to let them know about your intention to become a partner.
  2. Managers will send you partnership terms.
  3. Mount telecom equipment (GSM modem or GOIP).
  4. Insert cards and replace them regularly.
  5. Get passive income and withdraw money.

Registration on the SMS Bower is an easy and profitable way to buy US number without wasting time buying physical SIM cards.

Reasons to Cooperate with SMS Bower

If you can’t pick a reliable service provider to buy US phone number for verification, here’re the reasons to choose SMS Bower:

  1. A great catalog of phones of all the US operators.
  2. Low prices on subscriptions and numbers.
  3. Extra benefits and bonuses for loyal clients.
  4. Instant message reception.
  5. High-quality connection.
  6. A responsive user-friendly interface.
  7. Different modes for settling phone connection.

Sellers of SIM cards get the following benefits:

  • over 80% of revenues from phone sales;
  • fast payback;
  • multiple payment systems for money withdrawal.

The issue of online numbers is topical in the modern world. SMS Bower comes as a trusted provider of online telephone services. So, if you need US phone number buy, feel free to choose this platform. You’ll enjoy high-quality services. Moreover, the provider will give extra privileges.