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Computer games help people get relaxed and escape a daily routine. Thousands of gamers prefer to play games online, compete with gamers around the world, and hit new heights. Gamers are united in communities to entertain and share their experiences.
Blizzard is a computer game developer that offers subscriptions for unlimited access to its games. The most well-known project of the developer includes World of Warcraft. This game totals thousands of fans scattered in all corners of the world. However, to join the Blizzard community, gamers should register accounts and activate profiles by entering a verification code.
Although the developer boasts an enhanced security system, nothing is impossible for modern hackers. If they want, they can hack even the most protected system. Being aware of this fact, gamers are afraid of specifying their private data. In such cases, renting a fake online phone comes as the best solution.

How does the Solution Work?

There are special portals that offer fake numbers for temporary rent. Owners of SIM cards offer them, while customers pay for using cards as their own phones. Web portals serve as a connecting link in this chain.

Benefits of Virtual Solutions

Getting a fake number for Blizzard SMS verification gives the following advantages:
  • 100% guaranteed security and confidentiality. By entering a fake phone, gamers do not disclose their personal info, meaning that in the case of profile hacking, their personal data won’t become the weapon for blackmailing or other illegal actions in the arms of intruders. Thus, gamers remain anonymous, and their privacy is protected.
  • It is possible to create multiple accounts. If you need more than one profile in the system, you need another number since verification occurs by means of linking the profile to the telephone.
  • Some gamers live in restricted areas, which means that they are not allowed to register in the Blizzard system. It means that they lack the opportunity to enjoy games. By renting a virtual phone, they can pretend to be a resident of another state and enjoy unlimited functionalities and gaming.
Online numbers help users browse the network securely and protect their rights on the Web. Nowadays, it comes as a handy solution for enjoyable surfing online.

Where to Find Online Numbers?

Special platforms offer virtual telephone services. SMSBower is one such provider. Clients who buy a fake phone number for a Blizzard account on the website prove its trustworthiness and high quality. The provider boasts favorable conditions, a wide base of numbers, and security. Both sellers and buyers are welcome to please their needs.

How to Sell Phones on the Portal?

SMSBower invites partners to enlarge its base of phones. Partners offer their SIM cards and get high (up to 80%) revenues. Follow a step-by-step guide to becoming a partner:
  1. Register and submit a partnership query.
  2. Receive partnership terms.
  3. Install equipment.
  4. Change SIM card regularly.
  5. Earn money and cash out funds via available methods.
Providing free SIM cards for temporary rent can become a good source of passive income.

How to Buy Numbers for Blizzard Verification?

Customers who plan to rent or buy phones should do the following:
  1. Create an account. Specify the asked info.
  2. Select the desired country. Clients can buy both domestic and foreign phones.
  3. Choose the needed operator. Several operators are provided in each region.
  4. Define the number of phones. It is possible to buy numbers by one or wholesale.
  5. Study pricing. Find out the cost of the number and subscription time.
  6. Replenish the account for a sufficient sum of money.
  7. Pay for the number.
When you’re done, and your payment is processed, you’re free to set up and manage the phone online in your personal account. There, you can send and receive messages and calls.

Advantages of Choosing SMSBower

SMSBower comes as a reliable service provider with a high reputation in the industry. Its key features include:
  1. 100+ locales are scattered around the world. Clients are guaranteed to pick a suitable option.
  2. Discounts and other loyalty perks for regular clients.
  3. Stable passive income & fast payouts.
  4. High speed of SMS receiving.
  5. A user-friendly intuitive interface for easy navigation and quick setup.
  6. 24/7 customer support to ensure smooth cooperation.
SMSBower is a high-quality service for renting and selling fake phones. The provider works with both individuals and corporate businesses. It provides high-quality services at affordable prices and guarantees security.