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The development of online messengers allowed people to stay in touch anywhere and anytime. Multiple messengers are offered for gadgets nowadays. Line is a popular free application for instant communication on electronic devices such as smartphones, tablets, and personal computers. Line users exchange texts, images, video, and audio, as well as conduct free VoIP calls and video conferences.
To guarantee user safety and protection from scammers, the messenger uses obligatory Line SMS verification. The procedure allows for sorting out bots and fakes. Yet, due to the high risk of cyber-attacks, some users are afraid of disclosing their personal info to avoid data theft.
Is there a way out? How to protect your privacy online while enjoying the benefits of the messenger. Online phones help cope with this issue. A temporary rental of a virtual number allows for surfing the Web without fear.

The Concept of Online Phones

The solution implies using someone else’s number as your own one. It is possible to rent both domestic and foreign phones. Search for numbers is carried out via special online platforms, where lists of disposable numbers are provided.

Benefits of Virtual Numbers

Connecting a fake online phone is advantageous due to the next reasons:
  • 100% confidentiality. Nothing threatens your online safety and privacy when browsing Web portals since you do not enter real information. Thus, in the event of hacking, intruders get access to fake info.
  • registration of multiple profiles. Sometimes, users need more than one account. For instance, users create corporate and personal profiles.
  • access from forbidden states. The messenger is not available in some countries. A fake number from a foreign state helps access the platform and enjoy a full range of functionalities.
This solution helps users experience full-fledged opportunities of online portals without restrictions and risk. Moreover, no physical hardware is required.

Where to Buy Virtual Phones?

Modern users can find specialized portals that offer online telephone services on the network. SMSBower is one of them. It is a reliable service provider that guarantees the highest level of numbers at affordable prices. It invites both SIM card holders and buyers. Sellers can make this activity a source of passive income since the platform pay out up to 80% of revenues.

How to Become SIM Card Seller?

To become SMSBower’s partner, it is enough to go through the next steps:
  1. Create a profile on the official website.
  2. Submit a request to get partnership terms.
  3. Install hardware for SIM card connection.
  4. Change SIM cards regularly.
  5. Cash out earned funds via available payment methods.

How to Rent Online Numbers?

If you want to get a fake phone number for Line for temporary use, follow the guide:
  1. Register an account on SMSBower’s website. The registration procedure requires entering your email and contact (Telegram, WeChat, or WhatsApp). Also, newcomers should create a nickname and password.
  2. Study the list of available countries and operators.
  3. Decide how many phones you want to rent.
  4. Study the price list. Remember that the cost includes the subscription period as well.
  5. Top up your account to pay for the number.
  6. Make a purchase.
All settings are made online right in your personal account. You can use the phone via a PC as your own mobile phone throughout the subscription period.

Benefits of the SMSBower Platform

The service provider guarantees high-quality services and full satisfaction. Its main trumps include:
  1. 100+ locales in 13 countries.
  2. Cooperation with both individuals and companies.
  3. Affordable prices on subscriptions and numbers.
  4. Fast SMS delivery and instant response.
  5. Discounts and loyalty perks for regular clients.
  6. Multiple banking options for money transfers.
  7. 24/7 customer support to regulate any dispute.
Virtual phones are a modern solution for risk-free surfing on websites. SMSBower is a trusted online service provider of such numbers. The platform runs smoothly and provides clients with favorable conditions and convenient tools for phone management. Besides, discounts and reasonable prices will please customers.
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