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PayPal is a popular international platform for online payments. Thousands of users across the world prefer the system for quick and transparent money transactions. The platform is highly secure and trusted; it guarantees user data privacy. The importance of personal info security is topical for financial platforms since they store lots of user data and transaction details.
However, when it comes to Internet security, many skilled users tend to doubt it. The thing is that it is impossible to completely eliminate the risk of personal data theft and leakage to third parties online. After all, hackers improve their methods constantly and manage to get access to even the most secure systems. Thus, some users are concerned about their privacy. In this case, a virtual phone number for PayPal comes to the rescue.

What Is a Virtual Phone: Reasons to Use it for PayPal Account Verification

An online number is a temporary solution for passing verifications, accessing restricted websites, or using them for personal needs. Such solutions allow for acting legally online while preserving anonymity. Benefits of virtual numbers include:
  1. 100% security. There is no risk of blackmailing and rights infringement as a result of data theft.
  2. The opportunity to create multiple accounts. For instance, if you want to have a separate account for private and commercial purposes, you need two accounts, while the system allows for creating only one account per phone number.
  3. Access from restricted areas. The system may be banned in some states due to different reasons. If you want to join the platform, you need to pretend to be a citizen of another state. In this case, you need a phone number of a foreign country.
Account verification is an obligatory step of work on the PayPal platform. All users should verify their profiles. Thus, getting a virtual phone number for PayPal verification will help enjoy the platform while staying in safety.

Where to Find Virtual Numbers for PayPal Verification?

SMSBower is a reliable service that offers to purchase online numbers. It has a wide database of phones from different countries around the world, offers low pricing, and provides favorable conditions for cooperation.
SMSBower is an online shop for SMS activation and a portal for monetizing SIM cards. The platform welcomes both buyers and sellers. Thus, both categories can benefit from cooperation. SMSBower is ready to offer a fake phone number for PayPal verification for rent and purchase.

How to Use the Service for Buyers and Sellers?

The service provider invites both sellers and buyers to cooperate. If you want to get up to 80% of the passive profit on selling SIM cards, you should follow the guide:
  1. Leave a request, and managers will send partnership terms for you.
  2. Create an account on the website and connect equipment. If you need help, support managers are always ready to assist.
  3. Keep changing SIM cards regularly.
  4. Get profit for rented numbers and withdraw funds via suitable payment systems.
If you’re a customer who is in search of a temporary phone number for PayPal, here’s a detailed guide for you:
  1. First of all, you should register on the website. Phone control and setup are carried out via your personal account on the portal, so this step is obligatory. Fill in a registration form and specify the asked information.
  2. Look through the list of supported countries and find the desired state. Select a geographical location.
  3. Choose an available provider from the list of accepted ones in the picked region.
  4. Study the price list and calculate the cost of services. Note that the cost consists of two points, namely, the phone number rent and the subscription period. So, here, you should define how many numbers you need and for what time interval.
  5. Replenish your account with the needed sum of money.
  6. Submit a request for a phone purchase.
Once your purchase has been completed, you’ll be able to manage the number, receive SMS online for PayPal verification, and configure the phone are you wish.

Benefits of Using SMSBower for Online Phone Purchases

Multiple portals offer online phone services nowadays. Choosing SMSBower is an excellent decision due to the following reasons:
  1. A wide list of numbers and geo-locations. Customers get access to over 100 locales.
  2. Low pricing. The system offers affordable prices on numbers and subscriptions. The price fully corresponds to quality.
  3. A responsive intuitive interface simplifies navigation and phone management.
  4. Instant message delivery and high open rates. 98% of messages are opened in a few seconds.
  5. Risk-free purchases and trusted delivery. SMSBower has an improved security system for encrypting data and guaranteeing secure SMS delivery.
  6. A loyalty system for regular customers. The portal provides discounts and other perks to clients who make multiple purchases.
  7. Instant payment of earnings with no limit on the amount for partners.
  8. Customer support. Managers are ready to assist businesses in solving questions related to platform functionality and phone handling. Managers work 24/7 to improve service efficiency and guarantee timely support to all clients.
  9. Fast payback on SIM cards and equipment. Partners experience only positive emotions from cooperation with the portal.
Buying a phone number for SMS verification for PayPal is an easy and convenient way to get a secure solution for safe surfing on the Internet and making trouble-free transactions. SMSBower is the right place to do it. The portal offers favorable conditions for both sellers and buyers. It satisfies the demands of all customers, providing high-quality reliable options.