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Virtual Numbers for Steam

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We live in a digital world, where people can stay in touch anytime, communicate with acquaintances, and do multiple activities online. Besides chatting and calling, it is possible to play games via a network, make new acquaintances, etc.

STEAM is a popular platform, where gamers can find hundreds of games and play online with gamers around the world. Valve comes as the main supplier of game software to the platform, yet, it is not the only one. Other popular game developers supply their products to STEAM.

The audience of registered gamers reaches 33 million users. Here, gamers can enjoy both free and paid games, make new friends via the Web, create communities, and play together with other gamers.

Registration in STEAM consists of several steps. First, you need to enter your email and the country. When verifying your email, you’ll proceed to a more detailed registration form. Alternatively, you can use one-click registration via social networks. Note that phone verification comes as an obligatory step of any type of registration. All users must verify their identity and legal age by passing two-step phone authentication. Gamers get the following benefits after profile creation and service identification:

  • unlocks the ability to purchase games on Steam;
  • creation of backup copies;
  • exchange of game items;
  • automatic installation of the latest backups.

Although profile verification is obligatory, it alerts some users due to the necessity to specify so much personal info. Users believe that nothing is 100% secure on the Web when skilled hackers come into the game. Thus, they are not willing to disclose their personal data. This is where a virtual number for STEAM can help.

What are Virtual Phone numbers: Concept & Benefits

Specialized portals like SMSBower come as connecting links between clients and SIM card holders. Virtual numbers have the next benefits:

  1. 100% confidentiality and user privacy protection. When avoiding the need to specify real data, users feel confident in their security. Even if hackers get access to their accounts and private data, they won’t be able to blackmail users.
  2. Several profile registrations. If you need more than one account, you will need an additional phone number for Steam since profiles are linked to a phone.
  3. Access from banned countries. The platform has some geo-restrictions. It means that it doesn’t run in particular regions. If you live in one of the restricted regions , using a VPN connection together with a foreign fake phone number will be the best solution to bypass this ban.

Moreover, it is convenient to configure and manage your virtual number via your personal account. There is no need to install utilities on your device. Messages are received directly in your profile.

Where and How to Get Online Phones?

Those gamers who want to buy a virtual phone number for Steam, need to select a reliable provider. SMSBower comes as one of the leading portals offering online services at favorable conditions. Follow the guide to get an online number quickly and hustle-free:

  1. Register an account. Enter login and then create a password. No additional info needed!
  2. Check the price list. Calculate the amount of funds to be invested.
  3. Deposit your account for successful payment.
  4. Filter the available numbers according to the needed country.
  5. Top up the balance.

Here you are, you can log in to your account and use a Steam account number for payments. Set up extra functionalities and use the rented phone number as you need.

Pros of SMSBower for Cooperation

The service provider is recommended for cooperation due to the next advantages:

  1. A wide catalog of disposable phone numbers from different countries.
  2. Over 180 locales are scattered in all corners of the world.
  3. A clear website layout with an intuitive interface for easy and smooth navigation.
  4. Bonuses, discounts, and extra perks for loyal clients.
  5. Instant message receipt with a high opening rate.
  6. 24/7 technical support. Managers work around the clock to help clients get familiar with the platform.

If you want to enhance user security while fascinating your favorite games online, buy a steam number. Virtual phone numbers provide users with the opportunity to browse the Web and enjoy all its functionalities securely and freely. They come as a convenient and accessible way to communicate online without borders. SMSBower guarantees a high level of services at affordable prices .