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Virtual Numbers for Viber

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The rise of a digital era and Internet technologies provided extra opportunities for data sharing and communication. Online messengers have come to simplify our lives significantly. Nowadays, people can chat via the Web, share info and content, send files remotely, and get more opportunities. Messengers help make our lives easier and more convenient by staying in touch anywhere and anytime.

Viber is one of the most popular online messengers in the world. It is a global network with a total audience of over 660 million users around the world, with 236 million active users monthly. The geography of Viber coverage embraces all countries.

Viber boasts a wide list of functionalities. Clients can chat with acquaintances worldwide, make audio and video calls, share videos and photos with them, create groups and communities, send and receive files, etc. Viber offers a wide range of functions for convenient and border-free communication on the Web.

The messenger has a high level of security, applying 128-bit encryption algorithms for data protection and requiring 2-step profile authentication. To register an account in the messenger, users should have a phone number since a profile is linked to it and SMS confirmation is required. However, even with high security standards, some users doubt the safety of their data and do not want to reveal their private info. Such users have an alternative solution for risk-free chatting online, namely, renting an online phone number.

Pros of Using an Online Phone Number for Viber

Renting a virtual number for Viber has the next benefits:

  1. Enhanced privacy. Although the platform is highly protected, scammers can get access to any info they want. Thus, users do not feel 100% secure. If they enter an online temp phone number, they can protect their privacy and stay anonymous while enjoying all functionalities and accessing the platform without limitations.
  2. Separate personal and business lines. In some situations, several accounts are needed. For instance, when users want to have different profiles for professional and private communication. Yet, according to the system’s policy, it is allowed to register only one profile per telephone. Thus, you need another virtual Viber number to create the second profile.
  3. Global accessibility. Although Viber is favorable for all users, it doesn’t run in some countries due to some geo-restriction. Fortunately, the use of virtual phone numbers allows to bypass this ban and use the messenger in any region. Just buy a foreign virtual phone number and use it for account registration.

Viber guarantees a high speed of data transfer and an excellent quality of connection, which allows you to save time. Thus, users do not feel problems when communicating or sharing media.

Where and How to buy virtual numbers

Surf the Web to find suppliers of online temp numbers . Such websites as SMSBower serve as linking chains between owners of SIM cards who offer their unused SIM cards and buyers who need temporary online phone numbers. Those users, who want to buy Viber number, visit the official website and follow the guide:

  1. Register an account by entering minimum data (login and password).
  2. Deposit funds to pay for the phone number.
  3. Determine the phone number of what country you need and filter available options.
  4. Check the pricing and calculate an estimate of the required deposit.
  5. Get the number you need.

You can utilize a virtual phone number for Viber as a one-time-use option exclusively from your SMSBower personal account.

Pros of SMSBower Platform

SMSBower is a trusted service provider that offers favorable conditions. Its key advantages include:

  1. We have a wide geography of numbers you can buy for a temporary use. The catalog of phone numbers totals over a thousand with 180 locales scattered around the world.
  2. Flexible pricing. SMSBower offers competitive prices on services. Affordable costs of phone numbers provide for money saving.
  3. Any number of SIM cards. Clients can buy as many phone numbers as they need. It is possible to tent numbers wholesale or in retail.
  4. Extra benefits. Frequent clients get discounts and other perks.
  5. A clear website layout with an intuitive interface.

Buying a Viber virtual phone number will be an excellent solution to feel secure when spending time on the Internet. Using a fake phone number helps reduce the risk of hacker attacks and resulting data theft and blackmail. SMSBower comes as a reliable supplier of such services.