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The development of Web technologies has led to more convenient and accessible communication options. Nowadays, people have transitioned to online reality. Multiple messengers simplified communication while provided users with more opportunities to stay in touch. Telegram, Viber, WhatsApp, and other regional messengers and social networks allow users to communicate with relatives, friends, and acquaintances around the world.
WhatsApp is one of the most popular messengers used worldwide. Thousands of hundreds of people from all corners of the globe use the messenger for communication, sharing photos and videos, making video calls, and enjoying other functionalities. However, WhatsApp accounts are linked to phone numbers, which can be problematic for users who value privacy and are concerned about data theft. In such cases, there is a viable solution – buy a virtual phone number for WhatsApp and register accounts using fake phone numbers.

Benefits of Online Phone Numbers for WhatsApp

Virtual numbers are temporary solutions for users who do not want to disclose their personal info or need additional profiles. The benefits of this option include:
  1. Increased confidentiality & 100% security. When registering an account using a fake number, users are not afraid of hacker attacks since they keep their personal data private and secure online.
  2. Multiple profile creation. Sometimes, users need more than one account. For instance, when they create business or commercial profiles. However, the WhatsApp policy permits only one account per phone. This means that such users must buy a virtual WhatsApp phone number to create another profile.
  3. Access to restricted areas. The messenger is invalid in certain states, which means that citizens of these countries do not have the opportunity to use it for communication. By obtaining a virtual phone number of a foreign state, it is possible to overcome this ban.
Numerous websites offer virtual telephony services, including SMS Bower, a reputable online provider of international phone numbers from over 260 countries worldwide. The provider offers high-quality services at reasonable prices. Additionally, clients receive favorable conditions for cooperation, such as bonuses, discounts, and user-friendly interfaces for smooth and easy navigation.

How to Use SMS Bower to Get Quality Online Phone Numbers for WhatsApp?

Do you want to buy a virtual phone number for WhatsApp? Here’s a precise explanation of all the steps you need to take to make a purchase and enjoy safe and convenient use:
1. First of all, new clients should create profiles on the website. Here, they need to specify their identities, places of residence, emails, and other necessary information.
2. The next step involves studying what the website's offerings, such as the available countries, operators, and phones.
3. Answer the following questions:
  • How many phone numbers do you need?
  • What states do you need phone numbers for?
  • For what period do you need these phone numbers?
4. Study the pricing policy and calculate the cost of services. Remember that you should pay for not only phone numbers but also for a subscription.
5. Choose a suitable payment method from the list of available options and replenish your balance to buy a phone number for WhatsApp verification. Bank cards, e-wallets, and transfers are supported. You should fill in a top-up form, select the desired payment system and enter the sum of the investment amount.
6. Now, you should submit a purchase form, in which the number of phone numbers, countries, operators, and the subscription period are specified.
When you purchase a WhatsApp number, log in to your profile and configure the phone needed. All settings and management are carried out online in your personal account. User-friendly interfaces guarantee easy and clear use of all functionalities.
Note that both desktop and browser mobile versions are available. The portal functions flawlessly not only via desktop PCs but also through portable devices.

Reasons to Choose SMS Bower for WhatsApp Phone Purchase

If you are considering purchasing a WhatsApp number online, SMS Bower is the best place to do it. With years of experience and expertise in the field, the platform offers the following advantages to clients worldwide:
  • Diverse selection of phone numbers from over 260 countries and multiple operators.
  • Personal information security is of utmost importance to SMS Bower. They use a 128-bit encryption system and comply with SSL protocol to ensure data safety.
  • Multiple banking methods for depositing accounts.
  • SMS verification messages are sent and received immediately, without any waiting period.
  • Frequent clients of SMS Bower receive special discounts and perks. They can also become partners and earn commission by referring new customers to the platform.
  • SMS Bower offers affordable pricing for phone numbers and subscriptions, making it a cost-effective solution for clients.
While some providers may offer ready-made profiles instead of new phone numbers, this option is not as advantageous as purchasing a virtual number. By buying a virtual WhatsApp number, clients can create their own profiles and channels according to their needs and preferences.
Overall, SMS Bower offers a user-friendly platform with extensive functionalities and favorable conditions. If you need to buy a virtual phone number for WhatsApp, look no further than SMS Bower.